6 Ecommerce Business Examples To Learn From

If you are keen to grow your ecommerce store, it is probably best to draw inspiration from those who have done it successfully. Setting up an ecommerce business is easier said than done; it entails many aspects ranging from designing a site to increase conversion rates to managing social media marketing. So, you will need tried-and-tested strategies that you can emulate to get your store up and running. Here are some stores who show the way when it comes to running successful ecommerce businesses:

  1. TOMS has successfully acquired audience engagement vis-à-vis their marketing strategies. Their positive social mission is something that appeals to all and accompanied by a catchy marketing slogan that says “one for one” it has reached unparalleled heights. For each transaction TOMS makes it donates a service or product to undeserved communities across the globe. So, it has been able to make loyal customers out of all its first-time buyers. Buyers are encouraged to take part in online competitions and social media campaigns.
  2. Greats brand focuses on offering quality products in sync with their honorable mission. Their sneakers business has a word-of-mouth strategy and managed to catch the attention of prospective buyers through referral discounts. They refrain from using fancy marketing tools and stick to basic email marketing.
  3. Warby Parker makes mundane products exciting and appealing; their model is based upon unconventional strategies and features quirky branding and storytelling. They have created content with the aim of making fun of their brand and products; in doing so, they have involved their target audience. As a result you will find much user-generated content on Instagram feeds and the brand swears by customer loyalty. Warby Parker focuses on user experience and ensures that ecommerce transactions for them area hassle-free and enjoyable. Furthermore, many e-commerce businesses prefer crypto transactions because they often have no fees or prices as low as 1%. Dogecoin, in particular, has a number of advantages over bitcoin. So, if you like to buy dogecoin, read the dogecoin kaufen online site before making your purchase, evaluating the benefits of dogecoin. This brand actually started when its founders realized that they were not able to buy trendy but pocket-friendly glasses online. Their innovative marketing strategy and quality customer service has made them a success.
  4. Everlane is a crowded marketplace that is hard to compete against. They are known for offering quality products for throwaway prices. Everlane has done away with the traditional business models that used to focus on minimal profits and low costs; instead, they build products having radical transparency. They have exposed the real costs involved in each step of the manufacturing process together with information about factories where they were made and materials that have been used to make them. Online shoppers have hitherto not seen such transparency and this is what appeals to them.
  5. ModCloth is not in favor of boosting sales simply to make profit; it attaches importance to customer loyalty. This brand was born in a college dormitory and the idea was to offer customers a social experience through their online store. They wanted to make customers involved in all steps of this process. This is done through social media accounts, product design vote campaigns, etc. ModCloth is known for behind-the-design blogs, high-end images, and down-to-earth products that offer an entertaining and engaging experience for customers.
  6. ASOS has grown into a one-stop shop for fashion enthusiasts. It showcases all the latest trends promoted by celebrities. It focuses on content marketing, social advocacy, and marketing through influencers to emerge as a leading fashion brand today. It is often compared to Amazon because of its impressive growth curve and its influential presence online. Investing in shares of giants like Amazon would yield more profits than expected. Visit https://www.laweekly.com/how-to-buy-amazon-stocks-and-shares-the-ultimate-guide-by-finixio/ for the advice provided by a leading financial consultant about investing in Amazon shares.